Here you can find descriptions about projects which I create alongside work. Those project are very often for private use or for close friends.

Web projects

Beside the programming, I like to create web sites. However you will not find all of them online, because they are used as intranet at home. The project on which I work currently at home is a project manager, on which I can see how far the project is and how many changes were taken during the creation of the other projects. A further web application which I create is the management of the wine cellar. The idea behind it is to manage your wine bottle to see if you need new wine. Besides those projects, there are also web sites which are accessible online. One of them is for the painter Marc Bertholet . The other page is the web site of the Harmonie Municipale de Mondercange. This page was created with Wordpress.
My latest web project is a learning program on which children can learn to count, learn the name of colors as well as learning to recognize letters.

Mobile application

At my workplace I create mobile application whit Delphi XE7. However for my one use i create Android apps for myself which are only mention for my private use. Those are created in the Android SDK.

Work projects

Beside my mission at my workplace I am also responsible for the web appearance of the company. I am responsible of the maintainance of, and of

School and internships projects

During my studies and internship, I had to do several projects that were evaluated by the head of BTS Computer Science. Since we dealt with different topics on the course, we could create projects in different fields, for example building up an entire Windows Server 2012 network or different Java applications.

Course Quality Evaluation System

As for every promotion, the students have to complete a project in their last semester. And so it was the same for at the beginning of the 4th semester, where every student received the topic of their project. Thus, the CouQuEval (Course Quality Evaluation System) was given to me and two other students. The difference between our respective projects lies in the way we executed them. One was created with the Zend Framework 2, the other was a Java client application and mine was developed with PHP and JQuery.

As it turns out, the project challenged me to cover all of the clients' demands, who in this case were our teachers. During the next six weeks, I finished the project. Here are a few pictures of the Course Quality Evaluation System.

couqueval1 couqueval2 couqueval3 couqueval4

You Foot App

During my time at Sita Software, I have to accomplish a project that is to be used later in a real world situation. After a few days of tutorials using Embarcadero Delphi XE 6, I started creating the "You Foot" app. Basically, this app is used by the committee members of football club. The app's main idea is to scan the QR-Code on a ticket, that can be won or bought at You Foot.

After the client has scanned the code and entrance is permitted, the app synchronizes with a database that runs on an IIS Server. However in case no internet connection is available, the local database can also be used to check the admission tickets.

This application is still in the making, but here you have a small preview on what the app may look like once it is finished and available in the Play (Android) and App (IOS) Store. The current pictures were taken on an Android phone.

youfoot1 youfoot2 youfoot3 youfoot4 youfoot5 youfoot6 youfoot7

Windows 2012 Server Active Directory

During the 3rd semester, we had a course on the Windows Server 2012. Once the course was finished, we started to creating an Active Directory with GPOs, filesystem, WSUS Server and much more. This entire structure was meant for the future students on the BTS Computer Science. However due to a lack of time we were unable to finish our project.

Nonetheless, the project was finished by a student during the six week project, which we had in the 4th semester. His work will be of use for the next students starting their BTS Computer Science.